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      News — Press Release

      First Aid & Safety’s Latest CPR Mask Key Chain Kit Is Praised By Customers For Superior Quality


      June  2014 – First Aid & Safety has released a new CPR mask with its own protective nylon carry case and keychain. Sold in packs of five, this compact CPR Mask Keychain Kit is a portable first aid solution for people that want to be prepared for an emergency situation. The kits are designed to be easily accessible so that it’s possible to react quickly in the event that someone stops breathing. Although only available for a short time, customers are already very impressed with the quality and affordability of this product.

      Maritime officer James is full of praise for this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit: “My co-workers and I took a CPR and AED class about a year ago; at completion we were all given key-chains similar to these. I found these ones on Amazon and I have to say they are better than the ones we had been given by the instructors. They have a much sturdier construction and I’m sure they last much longer. I’m very pleased with my purchase.”

      The 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit features the exact same design as those carried by the American Red Cross. As company spokeswoman Ms. Ms. Loehwing explains, this product is high caliber: “Sadly there are plenty of first aid products on the market that are not up to standard. Either they don’t work properly or they place the user and patient at risk. On top of this, they are usually over priced and the customer service is unsatisfactory. We stand by our product 100% and are proud to deliver quality first aid CPR masks at an affordable price.”

      The design of this particular mask uses a one-way valve system and a special face shield to protect the user and patient. The small 2” x 2” keychain kit is compact enough to carry in a pocket or bag. With five kits available with each purchase and straightforward instructions, it’s easy to have this first aid device stored away in convenient locations for a fast emergency response. For a short time only, First Aid & Safety is further discounting the 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit, providing customers with extra savings.

      Police Officer Recommends First Aid & Safety’s Latest CPR Mask Key Chain Kit For Size & Convenience

      Recently First Aid & Safety launched a new CPR mask on Amazon.com. Applying the exact same design utilized by the American Red Cross, this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit is a premium quality product. Compact and portable, these CPR masks are contained within a quality nylon protective pouch and attached to a keychain for added convenience. Much to the delight of First Aid & Safety, already this affordable first aid product is attracting plenty of positive customer reviews from people of all backgrounds.

      Not only suitable for the general public, professional law enforcement officers are also recommending the 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit: “As a police officer, I don't have room to carry a full size face mask on my duty belt, these little guys solved that problem. I can fit 5 of them easily in my pants pocket. They unfold quickly, and protect you and the person you are working on. Great investment for anyone who is CPR trained!”

      The First Aid & Safety CPR Mask Keychain Kit contains an advanced mask design that will protect both the patient and resuscitator. The breathing barrier has a one-way valve system and the face shield stops mouth-to-mouth contact. These safety systems help to prevent any risk of contamination or infection.

      Supplying the CPR Mask Keychain Kit in packs of five can assist to increase the possibility of saving a life, explains First Aid & Safety spokeswoman Ms. Loehwing: “We sell the CPR mask and keychain set in packs of five so that people can store them in multiple places. Most people like to carry the kit in their bag or with their keys, while the other kits can be left at the office, in the car, at home, or any other location desired. You can never be too prepared for an emergency situation.”

      The operating instructions are clearly printed on the mask for ease of use and the 2” by 2” kits are small enough to be easily portable. The mask will fit both adults and children. Currently the 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit is on special for a limited time on Amazon.com.

      First Aid & Safety Launch A Quality Low Cost CPR Mask Key Chain Kit On Amazon.com


      June 2014 – Anyone looking for a convenient, portable CPR mask may be interested to learn that First Aid & Safety has recently launched a high quality CPR mask attached to a key chain. Now available on Amazon.com, this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit is designed to make it much easier to react quickly in an emergency situation. Sold at low cost, First Aid & Safety aim to make this product accessible to everyone.

      Company spokeswoman Ms. Loehwing explains the advantages of this product: “Our CPR Mask Keychain is the exact same product carried by the American Red Cross. This means that it’s extremely high quality. We sell the CPR Mask Key Chain Kit in packs of five so that you can store a CPR mask in a variety of locations. Most people will carry the CPR kit on their key chain or in their bag, while leaving one in the car glove compartment and other convenient locations. The compact kit size makes this first aid product very portable and ideal for reacting quickly to an emergency situation.”

      Ms. Loehwing also points out the safety aspects of this particular CPR mask: “The design enables people to effectively provide CPR using a quality face shield with a one-way valve system. This breathing barrier means that you are protected from any potential infection or contamination, while still being able to save somebody’s life. This design not only has your safety in mind, but also the safety of the patient.”

      Measuring 2” x 2”, these CPR Keychain Kits are ultra-compact. Each mask has essential operating instructions printed onto the semi-transparent shield, allowing the resuscitator to effectively monitor patient color and response. One size fits all, making these kits suitable for treating both adults and children. Currently First Aid & Safety is offering this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit at a discounted rate, only for a limited time while current stock lasts. This is a good opportunity to make further savings on the already low retail price.

      First Aid & Safety Discount Their Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot In A Special Promotional Offer


      June 2014 – Late last year, First Aid & Safety released a new first aid kit on Amazon.com. This is a specialty trauma kit complete with a QuikClot blood clotting bandage that enables users to rapidly stop bleeding and potentially save a life in an emergency situation. This high quality kit has been popular since the product’s inaugural launch. Now First Aid & Safety is offering a limited time discount on all orders.

      The First Aid & Safety Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot comes with antiseptic gloves, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pad, gauze bandage, medical tape, and the QuikClot advanced clotting sponge. These first aid items are conveniently contained within a heavy duty, easy-to-open kit bag with locking hook for secure storage.

      Company spokeswoman Ms. Loehwing explains why this particular first aid kit is so valuable: “This is the ideal first aid kit for any situation where a patient has sustained a severe injury and is bleeding. The advanced clotting sponge is the same product used by all branches of the American Armed Forces. It’s actually the only hemostatic agent recommended by the U.S. Department of Defense for severe hemorrhage on the battlefield! It’s a specialty mesh pouch that stops bleeding very quickly and can control bleeding long enough to get to a medical facility or until assistance arrives.”

      Ms. Loehwing strongly encourages people to be prepared by having this first aid kit on hand: “You never know when you could be faced with a life and death situation. We all know that motor vehicle accidents, hiking falls, and other incidences can lead to serious injuries. If you have this first aid kit available, you can save a life.” With the current sales event, this is an opportunity to save money on the already low retail price and be properly prepared in the event of an emergency situation.