ResQue1st "Quick Aid®" Complete First Aid Kit & Emergency Preparedness Kit · 180 Pieces

By First Aid Shoppe

$ 40.00

Best for Car · Home · Office · School · Travel · Camping · Hiking and Sports · Survival Gear · Bug Out Bag

Be Prepared for Outdoor - Auto - Home - Sport - Work Emergencies and First Aid Situations.

Get this First-rate Combination Emergency Preparedness & First Aid Kit.

A Great First Aid Kit
Most first aid kits are a mess as soon as you have used them once, and often has items that are near their expiration date.

This Kit contains 180 items, organized in the brilliant Quick Aid Pocket System which makes your kit much faster and easier to use in an emergency, and keeps everything easily organized even after repeated use.

In case of an accident or emergency requiring first aid, you simply open your kit, fold out the clearly labeled pockets and at a glance you choose and open the one you need in the emergency at hand.

Items with an expiration date are packed in a separate pocket, with maximum time left.

Fantastic For The Workplace 

With an Emergency Preparedness Kit
What is really unique about this kit is that it is both a great First Aid Kit, and ALSO is an Emergency Preparedness Kit and a great Bug Out Bag.

With a radio, emergency blanket, light stick, batteries and more, this kit handles not only first aid for everyday accidents and injuries, it also has essential items you need in much broader emergencies.