ResQue1st Magnetic "Quick Aid" Bandage Dispenser with Refill

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Our Quick Aid Magnetic Adhesive Bandage Dispenser comes with 10 pre-filled bandages, plus 40 additional bandages in refill packs. The Quick Aid Bandages can be applied with one hand without touching the adhesive surface and bandage pad.>

  • Magnetic Bandage Dispenser for Organization and Travel
  • 50 1"X3" Self Adhesive Easy Access Bandages - Sterile
  • Ease Of Use And Perfect For Traveling Anywhere or Home and Office Use
  • Non-Stick Pad and One Handed Technology
  • Strong Magnet Holder and Dispenser for Families or Industrial Market

With our Non-Stick Pad, our bandages will not stick to your wound, allowing for a gentle removal.

Our high quality flexible fabric provides a more comfortable feel, enabling the bandages to fit better and move with you.

These bandages stick to you with the perfect amount of adhesion, not too little that they fall off after a day, and not too much that they remove your hair when trying to get them off!

Our Patented Easy Open Technology allows you to take out a bandage fast and apply it with one hand, without touching the adhesive part, which allows for optimal application when applied by yourself. This also makes it very fast to get a bandage out and applied to your kids owie.