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First Aid Kits, Trauma Kits, CPR Masks & More

First Aid Shoppe provides first aid and safety products, first aid kits, trauma kits and everything you may need for safety in your business or personal lives.  We offer easy-to-use high quality products.  Our first aid products and supplies are for anyone and everyone and will allow you to be prepared if an emergency presents itself. 

Having our products on hand in the event of an emergency can save your life or another's.  When you are working, playing, driving, cooking, riding a bike, mountain climbing and basically living your life, you can never be too prepared for an emergency.  Some of these activities put you far away from medical assistance and it can take awhile for help to arrive.  Having a first aid kit on hand can be the difference between life and death. 


We carry everything from first aid kits, trauma kits, training supplies, cpr mask and of course every type of bandage available. We also carry trauma kits that have QuikClot and Swat-T tourniquets for you when severe bleeding is involved.  QuikClot and Swat-T are highly recommended in the safety industry and are leading the way in emergency preparation and saving lives. 

If you are interested in volume discounts or are looking for a particular first aid product and do not see it listed here on our site, please contact us directly at 727-442-4372.

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